For a makeup and skin care product hoarder like me, it may seem unusual that I   do not switch products too frequently to  write a monthly-favorites-posts, but here is my first installment for July!

These products are a mix of  drugstore and high end products. I’ve used these products for a while to make an opinion about them. These products have definitely made an impression on me.

I’ll start off with the cleansers.

CLINIQUE Take The  Day Off Balm:  Used as the first cleanser in a PM double cleanse, this removes sunscreen,  makeup and eye make up. I love its thick balmy texture which emulsifies into oil as I massage the balm on my face to loosen grit from my pores .I rinse off with warm water. This cleansing balm  leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean without striping in the process. It doesn’t leave any oily residue and doesn’t break me out. Did I mention that it is a fragrance free product? I’m in LOVE with this cleanser .Repurchase? oh! doll ,get in my vanity case and get on my face . It’s every bit worth the hype and price tag!

Clinique’s Smart Custom repair Serum: This serum has worked amazingly well for me . The dullness I was experiencing before I started the serum had diminished ,(not totally gone….I always expect to see thousand bolt lit face when I get up in the morning…)

It has been so good on my skin that I have never felt I am missing out on anything better. My skin looks smooth and relatively bright. I am glad that its gel like silky silicone texture suits my oily/combination, sometimes dry and dehydrated skin and adds fresh moisture and hydration to my skin. It acts as a perfect base for application of make up. However the serum has no effect on my pores ….though it claimed to tighten pores. Lovelies , I don’t expect that my puddle size pores will shrink and vanish after using a serum. This is my second bottle of this SERUM. I reviewed it here, and my thoughts are still the same after 3months of use.

Shiseido Wet Force Perfect UV Protector SPF 50 pa++++ sunscreen: I love Shiseido Wet Force Perfect UV Protector SPF 50 because it’s lightweight  and  smooth to apply and doesn’t leave a white cast on my medium dark skin. This sunblock with SPF 50 and PA ++++ is non sticky ,of runny texture and works even better when it comes in contact with sweat or water. I love how the sun screen acts as a perfect base for make up. What is notable here that In Delhi’s atrocious summer, I am relatively less tanned this year thanks to this excellent product. Lovelies, its not the cheapest, so if you have money to spare I highly recommend the product. I reviewed it here


JAPANESE SHEET MASKS: Last few months, I have spent every weekend treating my skin to hydration ,amino acids, peptides, hyaluronic acid..all anti aging stuff after I got myself a bunch of Japanese sheet masks. I am now fond of the cool relief brought by these chilled masks and actually look forward to this weekly ritual. I sometimes skip my serum ,moisturizers and rely on sheet masks. I use the sheet mask for 30 minutes and then apply a layer of  Clinique’s Moisture surge Overnight Mask   on top of the gooey essence left over by the mask. I love the effect of this layering …my skin feels bouncy, super soft and totally hydrated. I have reviewed Minon Amino Moist mask here. I will write in depth review of my Stash of masks shortly.


LAKME ABSOLUTE SHINE LINE LIQUID EYELINER: This INDIAN make up and skin care brand was totally off my radar since last few years till they launched their  ABSOLUTE LINE.I picked up their liquid eyeliner from the Absolute shine line range as I was bored of gel eye liners. Its a water based formulation and I require one stroke application to get a jet black effect on my eyes. I have a good control over the applicator while tight lining my upper eyelid. Overall, a good budget option. Will I repurchase? Questionable……search for a good budget option continues. I don’t like to buy a high end eye liner as I toss an eye liner after 6 months because the risk of transferring bacteria back and forth from eye into the tube is so great. Ladies, can you suggest a good liquid eyeliner ?

MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA WATERPROOF LIP LINER IN 10 C: My favorite lip product at the moment, which I have loved ever since I got around a year back from a visit to Sephora is MUFE AQUA WATERPROOF LIP LINER IN 10 C. I l purchased this lip  pencil as its close to my natural lip color.I like the way the pencil glides on the edges with out dragging when I outline my lips and it goes with every lipstick .Whenever I am not in a mood to use a lipstick, I line my lips with this lip liner and use Maybelline’ Baby kiss or any lip balm over it and be done with it.   It is such a long lasting lip pencil and definitely outlasts my lipstick. I’ve had lunch, drank coffee and still had color left on my lips . Love it …but hate the price. I stay put  in Aqua Lip range .

That’s all for July Favorites. Tell me about you favorites. I would love to hear.


  • Grew up in a small town
  • And when the rain would fall down
  • I’d just stare out my window
  • Dreamin’ of what could be
  • And if I’d end up happy I would pray
  • …………………………………………..
  • I’ll spread my wings,
  • and I’ll learn how to fly
  • I’ll do what it takes till I touch the sky
  • And I’ll make a wish
  • Take a chance Make a change
  • And breakaway
  • Out of the darkness and into the sun
  • But I won’t forget all the ones that I love

Lovelies ;don’t you love  it. I love >love this song “Break Away” by Kelly Clarkson . It reminds me  of my childhood when me and my sister would just stare out of the window watching the rain fall initially in whispers and then in buckets  flooding down the street below our window.  We would sit at the window watching the  flying clouds and dreaming about  touching  the sky. Why can’t grown-ups do that? Childhood was beautiful. Lovelies I grew up in a hill ….a quiet and beautiful place.image

As I listen to the song, I am thinking about a  makeup product (instead of clouds)that I instinctively reach for my eyes ,a product that I vouch for that it will look good on me .Yes, I am writing my today’s blog post on one such product that I reach for when I can’t seem to decide on a specific product even when I might have a stash of better make up.

champagne shimmer/ light medium peach shimmer/deep copper shimmer
champagne shimmer/ light medium peach shimmer/deep copper shimmer

Today’s blog post is on Pure Color Instant Intense Beach Metals (Trio) eye shadow from Estee Lauder. This Eye shadow is a champagne shimmer/ light medium peach shimmer/deep copper shimmer with orange undertones Trio and is one of the 8 shades of Estee Lauder Pure Color Instant Intense Eye Shadow Trio.

WEBSITE: Air-light shadows illuminate with pure brilliance. High intensity pigment and pearl formula provides amplified color impact -from soft shimmer to high metal shine—in one trio.Power-wear formula locks-in color, lasts 10 hours. Long-wearing, high performance shadow adheres velvety smooth, without creasing. Blends easily. Stays color true. Won’t fade.

How to Use Apply dry for a sophisticated metallic look, or wet for bold, intensified color.

Though I love Estee Lauder’s ANR and other skin care products  ,I promised to myself that I will never  look at  their make up products .But promises are made to be broken.Irritated by the  itch at the back of my head to spend ,I walked into the EL counter  and started to  browse  the eye shadows section .The MUA at the store suggested of  beach metal trios and as usual(happened many times) I got bowled over by  her  sale pitch and  got the trio . Damn you EL! My monthly budget  for make up  splurged on an eye shadow, !!!However,long story cut short, the eye shadow  is  a perfect match for my skin .The trio is contained in an elegant golden box( Indians love gold) with magnetic clasp.The monogram of EL shines through the  gold color of the box. Ladies, I know  part of my payment for the eye shadow is for the package.But if I am buying a high end eye shadow,am I not entitled to a beautiful and classy packaging ? Is it too much to ask for?

Lovelies! isn't  it  beautiful !!!
Lovelies! isn’t it beautiful !!!

This eye shadow has a smooth, blendable texture and offers medium pigment that can be sheered out easily. When I use these   three colors , they blend flawlessly and effortlessly Though the eye shadow is sparkly , it is not overpowering ; it’s  a tad metallic ……just the right amount of shine for my medium deep skin tone. If you don’t like too much color on your eyes but prefer shine then this is a good option for you.

Sheer wash of color
Sheer wash of color

 I feel that this is a good eye shadow for Indian skin in terms color and shine   . I can wear the light medium peach shimmer daily as a single ,sheer wash of color which  brightens up my eyes. The Champaign shimmer is the highlighter in the trio. This compact can be used for  a weekend dinner, a day at the office just by tailoring how you  use the colors. The eye shadow is creamy and smooth to apply , does not crease ( I use eye primer) and does not fall out .  I have never worn an eye shadow wet as I don’t like an intense look .Although I am currently drooling  over my recent acquisition of BLUE FURY from Pure Color Envy range, Beach Metal Trio  remains a favorite of mine.

You can check out the shade range of Pure Color Instant Intense Eye shadow as it offers good option for daytime and night time wear.

Do you have any such favorite to which you go back again and again.

Back to break away……




When it comes to my face ,I obsess about skincare and try out new products…but   for body ,once I find products I love, I keep on purchasing the same brand over and over again. I am fond of Body shop as a brand and use their body scrubs, body butters; moisturizers etc .I love the body scrub SPA WISDOM (XIMENIA & SALT SCRUB) from their  Africa line  which I  have picked up  some time  back. Initially,I was attracted to the product because of the cute and big jar and the word Spa written on the Jar. Lovelies, I am all for SPA-Cream –Glow. So when the SA allowed me to smell the product, I was totally sold. The smell seemed relaxing , fresh and spa like. The product has turned out to be even better than I anticipated and it has since been  a permanent fixture  in my shower and I restock it always.


A luxurious creamy salt scrub for the body with skin softening butters such as Ximenia oil and Community Fair Trade shea butter from Africa which exfoliates ,moisturizes and leaves my skin feeling soft and silky.

Key Ingredients:

  • Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana softens and smoothes the  skin.
  • Community Fair Trade beeswax from Zambia to moisturise and condition the skin.
  • Ximenia oil, extracted from the African ximenia tree to help soften the skin.

·         Full Ingredients

Glycerin (Humectant), Sodium Chloride (Viscosity Modifier), Beeswax (Emulsifier/Emollient), Cetearyl Alcohol (Emulsifier), Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate (Surfactant), Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (Surfactant), Zea Mays (Corn) Starch (Absorbent/Chelating Agent), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) (Skin-Conditioning Agent/Emollient), Fragrance (Fragrance), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Surfactant), Hydrogenated Castor Oil (Emollient), Water (Solvent/Diluent), Ximenia Americana Seed Oil (Emollient), Hexyl Cinnamal (Fragrance Ingredient), Butylphenyl Methylpropional (Fragrance Ingredient), Limonene (Fragrance Ingredient), Benzyl Salicylate (Fragrance Ingredient), Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone (Fragrance Ingredient), Titanium Dioxide (Colour).

I use this scrub on slightly damp skin for best results. The texture of the cream is super thick and rich. The salt in the cream melts away as I scrub while gently exfoliating my skin without being abrasive which is great for my sensitive skin.As I rinse off , the cream slightly lathers up leaving me well cleaned but not sand blasted. Ximenia oil in the scrub moisturizes my skin and I don’t feel the need to run for a moisturizer during summer whenever I use this product(Ximenia oil is known for its anti aging and moisturizing property  ). It works absolute wonders on my dry knees ,elbows and legs. Every weekend my skin feels pampered just like I would have felt after a spa treatment. The fragrance is so flowery,fresh and awesome…I totally de-stress in the amazing smell .Though it is a salt scrub it is suitable for use on all skin types  ,even sensitive skin.


Pros of TBS Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia and Salt Scrub:

  • Exfoliates with care and not abrasive at all
  • Comes in a cute jar and gives a spa-like feel
  • Ximenia seed oil in the scrub acts as a moisturizer

Cons of TBS SPA Wisdom Africa Ximenia and Salt Scrub:

  • Quite expensive for a body scrub.

Lovelies, If you want your body to experience   a spa like treatment at home and think you deserve a pampering , you must check out this scrub.



MAC AMBERING Rose is a sheer tone shimmer blush which I believe to be a beautiful color  for  fair to dark and deep skin tone ( NC 35 to NC 50) .This is the latest doll in my vanity case which came  to me as a gift on my wedding anniversary last month. This has become my favorite blush and I wear it even in my office. My  Lovelies,initially I was quite  skeptical of trying the blush  for fear of turning myself into a  shiny disco ball , but as I applied the blush with a light hand,  I saw the  blush  softly graces   my   cheekbones  with a touch   of muted   redness and  glows aka courtesy  beautiful hue of golden shimmer. The golden shimmer is subdued and   acts as a beautiful highlighter for my medium dark  skin. I love to wear this blush during summer as it adds a nice delicate   dash of color to my cheek bones and I don’t need a separate highlighter.

As the blush is  very  pigmented , one needs to be careful while applying the blush . I feel that the blush looks better when applied on the cheekbone instead of cheeks . Subtle Shimmer of the blush stays almost  for 2-3 hrs , but the blush  has long staying power ..almost 8 hours and after that it fades away.


Swatch of the blush  though appears as peachy coral/apricot , but when applied it’s red undertone comes alive .



This blush suits medium  to dark and deep  skin tone . But  Fair ladies , don’t  get me wrong if you like the blush Lol.. as the blush will look good on fair skin too, but  very pale skin may not be able to carry the color.

Shimmer is barely visible and very fine and imparts warm glow to my cheekbone and I don’t need a highlighter.

For me a great  summer blush as my cheeks looks naturally flushed  in a warm day.

So Lovelies, if you are  of NC 35 to NC 50 skin tone , please do have a look at  the blush.

Do you guys have any summer  favorite Mac blush?



Hi Lovelies, Come Saturday afternoon and you will find me feet up , watching TV with a Japanese Sheet mask placed  on my tired and dull   face. My skin is in a lot of stress due to the atrocious heat, and humidity of Asian summer   and if this was not bad enough, add to it the unbelievable level of air pollution of Delhi  which is notorious for air pollution and please note that it’s worse than Beijing. When your skin goes through such nightmare day in and day out , you know  a really awesome thing to do is to rehydrate and enrich your skin by using a face mask .Your skin simply sobs….. ( tear of joy..out of gratitude)

I have picked up this very popular Japanese Beauty Ritual of sheet mask during my stay at Tokyo. Japanese women are known for their beautiful   and radiant skin and they really go to great lengths to prevent sun damage and premature aging.  For their cleaning, toning (not like western way it’s a lotion in Japan) essence, milk, serum moisturizer…..multistep routine, Japanese women can use anywhere from 6-15 products, may be even more. Don’t   push the panic button Ladies! let me  assure you that they may not use all products at once as Japanese skin care is all about customization.

My favorite sheet mask is   MINON AMINO MOIST SKIN MASK . In a Japanese drugstore you will find anywhere between 10-15 varieties of facial masks. I have chosen my masks based on the rankings of a popular magazine called Cosme magazine which is   displayed in   drugstores.

This sheet mask (ranked No 1)is infused with gel serum and contains 9 types of  amino acids and natural moisturizing factors(NMF) to restore compromised skin barrier and protect skin’s natural moisture balance. This mask is alcohol and paraben free and is formulated for sensitive and dry skin. I am really impressed with the result .My face looks more hydrated and plump when I use it and remains so for almost 2 days. My skin definitely gets a kick and feels super-duper soft and gives me the confidence to face Monday with renewed vigor. Unlike many Asian Brands which rely on fairytale, this product does deliver on its claim of restoring skin’s natural moisture balance by rehydrating my skin. A sheet mask requires to be used as a treatment and at least twice a week to see any perceptible improvement .

How do I use a sheet mask: I use a sheet mask after  exfoliation by using a peeling gel which lifts off dead skin so that the active ingredients of the mask can easily permeate into my skin.  After using it for 15 minutes as per instruction I peel off the mask and use the essence on my knee , elbow and hand by squeezing out  the last drop.Well , why waste all these amino acids and other goodies?

These masks are available in Amazon. Ladies ,you should try them .I am sure you will like!!! Do you guys have any favorite?


I am more than a little obsessed wiimageth skin care and   always ready with dough to splurge on serums which means business . For my dehydrated and dull skin I struggle to find the right serum  packed with the biggest punch  which  can deliver  a clearer, brighter and hydrated skin.

So when I read great reviews like targeted   repairing abilities of Clinilque’s Smart Custom repair serum ,You know lovelies, I was not going to miss it .I have been using it for last 5  weeks and can not rave about it enough. First, My fickle combination to oily  skin did not break out.The texture of the serum is little thick and silky ,so it makes your skin feel instantly soft, smooth,lush and ready to take on the day. I am not fond of fragrance in my skin care products. This one has very mild fragrance which I like . I use this every morning and every night  with Clinique’s Repair wear  uplifting Day cream and repair wear sculpting night cream.  I have noticed that my skin has brightened   and my dark spots have lightened- though the difference is only minor.  But friends it’s only 5 weeks. Think  extreme hot weather ,fully air-conditioned home and workplace of oppressive Asian Summer. However dry the indoor is due to Air-conditioning ,My skin still  feels moisturized ,credit for which definitely goes to this serum. I would like to see what the serum does to my overall uneven skin tone -which is my main concern. I don’t have wrinkles but fine lines are  a concern too.Clinique says that the ingredients of the smart serum understands the particular needs of your skin and provides targeted delivery of the goodies for  custom repair of  the damage you see and the damage you don’t. Reason for naming the product as smart custom repair is that  it targets multiple concerns and delivers Firm skin by addressing the loss in elasticity,  reduces dark spots and evens out skin tone , improves radiance and texture and  Diminishes lines and wrinkles, you know Ladies…….the tall claims.

Key ingredients which I understand from the long list of ingredients  to be beneficial to my skin are Algae extract, various fruit extract,Vitamin C, salicylic acid ,hyaluronic acid , wheatgerm oil and various Peptides. Though Paula’s review is not that favorable particularly due to grape fruit extract as it might make skin photosensitive, I am not that concerned as I use Sunscreen daily.So far I am enjoying the serum and definitely repurchase it as I would like to continue using it till 12 weeks to assess the potency and will definitely be back with a review.

Have any one used this serum ? Also let me know which Clinique’s product you love the most?


image Hi Lovelies, I  purchase skin care products mostly on the recommendations /reviews of my favorite bloggers . Some products go to trash bin and some enter my vanity and become part of my daily roster. I thought why not start a series of my current favorites ….”My Current Obsession ##” .

Wearing the right sunscreen is one aspect of skin care which  I am obsessed with .I have started to use Sunscreen a bit late into my life, though nowadays   I am wearing sunscreen religiously everyday. My stay at Tokyo allowed me to lay my hands on  Japanese Sunscreens.   Japanese Sunscreens  are known  for their higher PPD, good texture and beautiful finish. These sunscreens are very popular  due to higher PA rating of ++++ which means their UVA protection corresponds to a PPD of 16 ( PPD- persistent pigment darkening ). But, I felt a little lost as the Japanese skin care market has   a myriad of different sunscreens with different formulations. I have chosen a couple of sunscreens  from Shiseido  , Kanebo and Biore . Right now, I am obsessed with  Shiseido’s 50+Wetforce perfect uv protector( spf 50,pa++++) which I like the most  for its texture and the finish.

 I am a huge fan of light weight sunscreens. This new  sunscreen launched by Shiseido does not leave any white cast or oiliness on the skin.It has a matte finish and my face remains  matte for  almost for 3-4 hours. You can easily wear it under your makeup.    Moreover Shiseido has used a superveil –UV technology, which allows product to adhere to the skin evenly to provide alround uv protection.  This   sunscreen uses wetforce technology  which reinforces its protective veil when the sunscreen comes in contact with water and sweat. For last 10 years ,my  favorite Sunscreen has been  Clarins UV plus SPF 40.But for the time being I have strayed away from my first love and  so far Wet force perfect UV protector has not disappointed me. Fingers crossed.

Which Sunscreen is your favorite? Ladies!