Hi Lovelies, Come Saturday afternoon and you will find me feet up , watching TV with a Japanese Sheet mask placed  on my tired and dull   face. My skin is in a lot of stress due to the atrocious heat, and humidity of Asian summer   and if this was not bad enough, add to it the unbelievable level of air pollution of Delhi  which is notorious for air pollution and please note that it’s worse than Beijing. When your skin goes through such nightmare day in and day out , you know  a really awesome thing to do is to rehydrate and enrich your skin by using a face mask .Your skin simply sobs….. ( tear of joy..out of gratitude)

I have picked up this very popular Japanese Beauty Ritual of sheet mask during my stay at Tokyo. Japanese women are known for their beautiful   and radiant skin and they really go to great lengths to prevent sun damage and premature aging.  For their cleaning, toning (not like western way it’s a lotion in Japan) essence, milk, serum moisturizer…..multistep routine, Japanese women can use anywhere from 6-15 products, may be even more. Don’t   push the panic button Ladies! let me  assure you that they may not use all products at once as Japanese skin care is all about customization.

My favorite sheet mask is   MINON AMINO MOIST SKIN MASK . In a Japanese drugstore you will find anywhere between 10-15 varieties of facial masks. I have chosen my masks based on the rankings of a popular magazine called Cosme magazine which is   displayed in   drugstores.

This sheet mask (ranked No 1)is infused with gel serum and contains 9 types of  amino acids and natural moisturizing factors(NMF) to restore compromised skin barrier and protect skin’s natural moisture balance. This mask is alcohol and paraben free and is formulated for sensitive and dry skin. I am really impressed with the result .My face looks more hydrated and plump when I use it and remains so for almost 2 days. My skin definitely gets a kick and feels super-duper soft and gives me the confidence to face Monday with renewed vigor. Unlike many Asian Brands which rely on fairytale, this product does deliver on its claim of restoring skin’s natural moisture balance by rehydrating my skin. A sheet mask requires to be used as a treatment and at least twice a week to see any perceptible improvement .

How do I use a sheet mask: I use a sheet mask after  exfoliation by using a peeling gel which lifts off dead skin so that the active ingredients of the mask can easily permeate into my skin.  After using it for 15 minutes as per instruction I peel off the mask and use the essence on my knee , elbow and hand by squeezing out  the last drop.Well , why waste all these amino acids and other goodies?

These masks are available in Amazon. Ladies ,you should try them .I am sure you will like!!! Do you guys have any favorite?



    • indusvanitybits July 9, 2015 / 3:55 am

      It’s nice that you enjoy sheet masks. I love them and now have a collection of sheet mask. Japanese drugstores display popular magazine’s rankings and stuff. So for a non Japanese like me it becomes easy to buy products based on some recommendation.


  1. SuperDiana July 18, 2015 / 2:44 pm

    I like to base my purchases on magazines & votes too. This looks like a promising japanese brand. 🙂


    • indusvanitybits July 19, 2015 / 3:50 am

      I have purchased some more products from this brand but yet to open package. Thanks for your lovely comment.

      Liked by 1 person

    • indusvanitybits July 20, 2015 / 3:02 pm

      Oh! you should try them. They are a real treat. I use sheet mask almost every weekend. If I don’t stock from Tokyo, I buy from Sephora at Delhi.


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