image Hi Lovelies, I  purchase skin care products mostly on the recommendations /reviews of my favorite bloggers . Some products go to trash bin and some enter my vanity and become part of my daily roster. I thought why not start a series of my current favorites ….”My Current Obsession ##” .

Wearing the right sunscreen is one aspect of skin care which  I am obsessed with .I have started to use Sunscreen a bit late into my life, though nowadays   I am wearing sunscreen religiously everyday. My stay at Tokyo allowed me to lay my hands on  Japanese Sunscreens.   Japanese Sunscreens  are known  for their higher PPD, good texture and beautiful finish. These sunscreens are very popular  due to higher PA rating of ++++ which means their UVA protection corresponds to a PPD of 16 ( PPD- persistent pigment darkening ). But, I felt a little lost as the Japanese skin care market has   a myriad of different sunscreens with different formulations. I have chosen a couple of sunscreens  from Shiseido  , Kanebo and Biore . Right now, I am obsessed with  Shiseido’s 50+Wetforce perfect uv protector( spf 50,pa++++) which I like the most  for its texture and the finish.

 I am a huge fan of light weight sunscreens. This new  sunscreen launched by Shiseido does not leave any white cast or oiliness on the skin.It has a matte finish and my face remains  matte for  almost for 3-4 hours. You can easily wear it under your makeup.    Moreover Shiseido has used a superveil –UV technology, which allows product to adhere to the skin evenly to provide alround uv protection.  This   sunscreen uses wetforce technology  which reinforces its protective veil when the sunscreen comes in contact with water and sweat. For last 10 years ,my  favorite Sunscreen has been  Clarins UV plus SPF 40.But for the time being I have strayed away from my first love and  so far Wet force perfect UV protector has not disappointed me. Fingers crossed.

Which Sunscreen is your favorite? Ladies!


4 thoughts on “MY CURRENT OBSESSION # 1

  1. machinegunmeow July 6, 2015 / 9:04 am

    A white, sticky cast is my worst fear when it comes to sunscreen – I find my skin develops a rash with such sunscreens so they are best avoided. My go to at the moment happens to be Japanese brand, Allie (by Kanebo), and it a beautiful lightweight fluid that leaves no trace of application. Biore is also up there for me!

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  2. indusvanitybits July 6, 2015 / 3:40 pm

    You are right ….physical filters do tend to leave a white cast . I too like Biore. Though I have purchased Kanebo’s sunscreen , I have not opened the pack as yet. Currently I am loving Shiseido’s Wet force Perfect UV protector which does not leave white cast and a very light weight. sunscreen.


    • indusvanitybits July 25, 2015 / 11:17 am

      I feel you should try this . This is a lovely sunscreen without any white cast and perfect base for make up


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